Tuesday, June 12, 2007

This Weekend

I went to Portland on Saturday looking for the Etsy PDX craft fair. Unfortunately, their advertisement was incorrect when they said that the fair was open until 5. It closed at 2.
That was disappointing. Hopefully they will get it together!

The good things that happened:

  • I got to spend the day with my friend Tina.
  • I walked through the Portland Park Blocks. (Never been there before)
  • We walked at least a mile and a half!
  • We got to Portland Saturday Market about 15 minutes before closing. Just enough time to buy one thing but not enough time to get in too much trouble.

Tina and I parked at the Expo Center and rode the Max into town. It was Rose Festival weekend and there was more than the usual amount of traffic.

Sunday was a crochet meeting up in Longview. It was a lot of fun. It is not often that the meeting falls on a day that is totally open for me to go.

I found a new stitch. Joanna was/is making a book cover from it. It is called the lattice stitch.

I also started on my Cool Chicken for the amigurumi exchange I am doing on Swap bot. Craft Warehouse now has a line of nice acrylic yarn by Vanna White. Colonial Blue and Mustard are the colors that I am using. There were some cute star buttons, so I got those for the eyes.