Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Not Another V Stitch Scarf

Mom's birthday party was on Saturday. I needed something great to make her besides the two dishcloths already done.

I decided that a nice lacey scarf would do the trick. In a wonderful red color. I am sure that many others have done scarves just like this so it is not technically original. Don't want to step on anyones toes!

I used two hanks of Sport Weight Baby Alpaca from Blue Sky color number 511 and a J or 6MM crochet hook.
V stitch is so easy: 2 dc, chain 1, 2dc in same stitch

I chained 16 and got two borders and 3 v's in the middle.
When turning do not chain, just turn and start your v stitch pattern all over. This creates a nice scalloped edge on both sides.

When I was done I soaked it in luke warm tap water with Eucalan for 15 min, rolled it out with a towel and blocked.

Finished size after blocking was 6 inches wide and 72 inches long.

This would also look great as a set of three v's or four.
For three you need to chain only 10. That would make the ultimate quick, skinny, and lacey scarf.
For 4 chain 13.

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