Friday, June 05, 2009

OHS Visit

Well I went to OHS. Have not been for over a week.

Last weekend John got in a bike accident so I have been taking him and picking him up from work. Don't worry, he is ok!

I am also still sad that a little bird I hoped to adopt went back to his home.
Today there were four little budgies. I gave them two toys each. One just of beads and one with chewable wood. (Thank you Ellen!) I played with the rats too! It was fun. One was very curious about the toys that I was giving the birds. They were nice and did not bite.

Now I am back, checking email, drinking coffee and enjoying a muffin.

Next on the agenda today is to visit the First Friday Uptown Fair/ Craft Uprising. Still not sure what exactly they are calling it.

Then I will be off to visit the First Friday Art Walk a little further down town. I am taking my umbrella and hopping on the bus and walking. I might take a camera if I can find one...

Click here to read an article from the Vancouver Voice about the first Uptown Fair

Click here to visit Ellen's Payroll and Bookkeeping Service. She is the one who donates toys for me to take to OHS.

I plan to give lots of linky love to all the local businesses that I use and love.


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