Sunday, November 09, 2008


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This is Sam my new foster bird. He came a week or so after Stanley went home. Great timing!
He is such a precious thing. I love him.
We cuddle almost everynight and he gives kisses.
He now has feathers on his tummy and a clean bill of health from the Dr.


Michelle said...

I love Sammi's coloring! If he was yarn, he looks like he'd make a nice warm pair of fuzzy slipper socks or a hat. My kids are fascinated by birds that can learn to talk and do tricks. (They watch too much Pet Star!)

--from CLF group on Rav

Lauria @ Brackenbury Lane said...

How did you get into fostering birds? I'd love to foster cats and dogs, but there's definitely not room and my cat is a one cat household kind of cat!

Yarrow said...

:o What a beautiful african gray! I've been wanting a bird, I just don't think my old cat can put up with one lol.

- CLF member AzureChango

Yarrow said...

what a beautiful african gray~ I've always wanted a bird :3

Christa said...

HI Lauria,
I first was adopting them and then realized I better do something else. So I fostered birds and am now the bird adoption coordinator for the local bird club.
Sam is the final bird for now.